Kick Start For Weight Loss Bootcamp

So You've Reawakened Your Desire To Take Control Of Your Weight? Now It's Time to LIVE HEALTHY!

My Story

I started this program because there are so many women who are feeling tired, cold and lethargic. You are afraid to eat because of heartburn. You don’t want to socialize because you feel fat are bloated or have gas. You are scared to wear certain clothes because of the bloating. You’re not being able to poo and are having lower abdominal pain. You just feel gross and don’t feel attractive.

It’s time for you to stop letting people tell you what your body should look like and take back control. Stop feeling pissed off, angry, being disgusted with yourself and hostile to those around you because you’re not happy with how you look in the mirror or how you feel in our own skin. The time is now to start feeling empowered and show everyone that you can do it. Get out of your own way and stop playing small. Get outraged because outrage causes change.

Next Program Begins- Monday January 18, 2016

$997 One Time Payment

$197 A Month For 6 Months

What Is The Kick Start For Weight Loss Bootcamp?

This program provides structure, motivation, accountability and support.  Each month you will be given step by step information on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  We discuss everything from macronutrients, tools you should have in your kitchen, how to understand food labels, the benefits of fiber, understanding carbs, the do's and don'ts of exercise, how to grocery shop, eating on the go and so much more.


A 6 Month Online Program.

End your food and exercise confusion.  This is a completely mapped out program where no guess work is involved.  If going to the grocery store and reading food menus causes you confusion or overwhelm then this is the program you have been looking for.  If you've tried everything and still haven't received the weight loss results you desire and don't think you can do it on your own then you need to do this program now.

$997 One Time Payment

$197 A Month For 6 Months

Seats Filling Up Fast For Monday January 18, 2016 Start Date

Special BonusDone-for-you meal plans and recipes

  • Improve Overall Health

    You will learn how to reduce heartburn, bloating, gas, sugar cravings and more.

  • Increase Self Esteem And Overall Mood

    You will stop feeling disgusted with yourself because you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror. You will be able to stop trying on the whole closet before you actually find a pair of pants that fit.

  • Enjoy Family Life Again

    Stop being angry with yourself for being at this point and learn to take back control of your life and start doing things with your family again.

$997 One Time Payment

$197 A Month For 6 Months

What's Included?

  • Step By Step Personalized Meal Plans

  • Learn About Hormones And Weight Loss

  • Learn How To Grocery Shop & Set Goals

  • Learn How To Read Nutrition Labels

  • Discuss Fiber, Carbs & Supplements In Detail

  • Discover How To Eat On The Go

Additional Resources

  • Interactive Monthly Group Q & A Calls
  • Email Support For Each Module
  • E-Coaching Mon-Fri
  • Private Client Only Facebook Group
  • Client Only Specials
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Content You Can Action Right Away
  • Access To Group Training Recordings

Special BonusDone-for-you meal plans and recipes

$997 One Time Payment

$197 A Month For 6 Months

You Matter...Make A Decision

There’s a difference between knowing and deciding. Until you decide, nothing will change. You’re not getting any younger and time isn’t getting any slower. This is a must have if it’s in your heart and in your spirit. You need to do this for yourself. When you are feeling how you want to feel and looking how you want to look, what happens to you personally and professionally? Just for a second, think about a time when you were happy with what you saw when you looked in the mirror.

Go back to that time.... Hear what you heard, see what you saw and REALLY feel the feeling of liking what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.

What can you do when you look like that?
What can you have?
How will you feel with a raised self esteem and self confidence?

Think about how proud you will feel of yourself. Imagine hearing the compliments you will receive. See yourself wearing that little black dress. Put yourself first and have this experience that is so meaningful to you. It won’t just be you who benefits from this. Think about how it will affect your kids, your husband, and your career!

It’s NEVER the right time until you make it the right time.

Getting Started

  • Module 1 - Manifesting Your Vision

    In this session, Monique will show you how to manifest your vision with a 30 day action plan. Declare and clarify exactly what you want.  You have to know what you want in order for it to manifest. You will also learn how sleep and stress affect your ability to lose weight. Learn what you can do about it and how to keep the weight off.

  • Module 2 - The New You

    In this session, Monique will show you how to begin the process of change as you start your journey.  Monique will teach you how to develop the tools necessary to reach your goal.  You will learn about fats, carbohydrates and proteins and the appropriate way to eat to maximize your success.  You will also learn the best way to prepare your meals to save you time and energy.

  • Module 3 - Weight Loss Secrets

    In this session, Monique will show you how to feel empowered when making food choices. Monique will show you how to properly read food labels so you understand exactly what macronutrients and how much food you’re putting in your body.  You will also learn the importance of fiber in your journey to reach your ideal body.

  • Module 4 - Self Transformation

    In this session Monique will teach you about exercise including body composition, cardiovascular training, resistance training and exercise nutrition.  You will also learn about carbohydrates and the glycemic index and how they affect your blood sugar levels causing you to store fat.  You will also learn about the benefits of supplements and how proper digestion can aid in reaching your ideal weight.

  • Module 5 - Optimize Your Food Choices

    In this session Monique will show you how to form good habits when you go grocery shopping so you can stay on track.  You will also learn how to eat on the go so you can consume less calories and learn which are the best food choices while you’re dining out.

  • Module 6 - Hypnosis

    In this session Monique will teach you the basics of hypnosis. You will discover how hypnosis allows you to communicate with your unconscious mind so you can focus on what you want. You will also learn 9 tips on how to maintain your new lifestyle for ongoing success.

Losing weight and maintaining your happy weight is way more than counting calories. Learn the Three Effortless Ways to Lose Weight so that you can shake off the pounds and keep them off for good!

$997 One Time Payment

$197 A Month For 6 Months

Special BonusDone-for-you meal plans and recipes

All you have to do is show you've done the work in the first 30 days and if you're not happy you will receive 100% money back with no questions asked.

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