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Kick Start For Weight Loss: 3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make That Keep Them Overweight, Exhausted and Stuck on the Diet Treadmill is a must read.

From being overweight to becoming a personal trainer, author, speaker and coach, Monique Bartlett knows firsthand what it takes to get results.  This book isn’t just about women looking to reach their ideal weight.  It’s about being able to transform your life.  Monique will guide you through the steps to stop weight loss struggle and learn to like what you see in the mirror again.

If you are a professional woman who doesn’t feel good in the skin you’re in and are tired of putting everyone and everything ahead of your needs, then you need to read this book today.

A percentage of proceeds from the purchase of the soft cover book will go to:

Heart Lake Community Food Cupboard

85 Sandalwood Parkway E, Brampton, Ontario, L6Z 4S3

Heart Lake Community Food Cupboard (HLCFC) is a non-denominational food cupboard working towards providing assistance to those in need in the under serviced areas of Brampton, Ontario.


To interview author Monique Bartlett or to have her speak to your group or organization click here to go to her website.